People in Transit


  • By: David Boyer
  • Location: South Jordan Parkway Station
  • Year Built: 2011
  • A kinetic wind sculpture consisting of ten robotic flyers that weathervane into the wind.
  • Permanent installation
"People in Transit" is a sculpture consisting of 10 Peter-Pan-style flying people on tall poles. Installed at the Daybreak Parkway Utah Transit Authority (UTA) light rail station, this sculpture is a celebration of those folks that use the train for transportation. The flying aspect of the people is a fun whimsical twist on the fast-paced nature of transportation in the modern age. The flyers come in three sizes, with the largest being on the shortest poles and the smallest being on the tallest poles. The flyers are made of steel and stainless steel and are mounted to the poles via low-friction bearings, allowing them to orient into the prevailing wind.