Heights Park

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Daybreak Parks Code of Conduct
Have Fun
Be respectful of others
Clean up after yourself and your pets
No foul language
No fireworks or explosives
No alcohol
No smoking
This park is a drug-free zone
Dogs must be leashed at all times
Open daily dawn to dusk
No swimming, wading is allowed
No slip’n slides
No bounce houses
No organized, active recreation or sports allowed


Contact Association Manager 
Phone: 801-254-8062
Email: information@livedaybreak.com

10664 S Mellow Way
South Jordan, UT 84095

It began with a pretty simple idea: Create a spot where people can get up high and take in the views of the mountains and the surrounding area. From there, “the mound” in Daybreak’s new Heights Park was conceived.

The mound measures over 20’ from top to bottom and is the obviously unusual signature element that stands out at one of the highest points in Daybreak. At the base of the mound sits a generous overlook area designed to accommodate picnics or to serve as a respite along the path of your evening stroll.

Daybreak parks are for residents and their guests.

Please report any problems to the Daybreak Community Center

1. Daybreak Community Center


For emergencies, dial 911

It is unlawful to enter or remain in the park after hours. See, Utah Code Ann. 76-6-206 [Criminal Tresspass].