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Volunteer Actives Council Spotlight - May

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

by Sarah Andrews

Volunteer Actives Council Spotlight - May

The LiveDAYBREAK Volunteer Activities Council is pleased to highlight the volunteer efforts of Scott Sherman. Scott moved to Daybreak about 2 years ago at the end of August 2016 and joined the Volunteer Activities Council the following summer.


“One of the things that really struck us about Daybreak was just the really cool events they put on and the community vibes, so I felt like I wanted to be a part of making that happen,” said Scott.
Scott believes that since Daybreak is such a tightly planned community, it draws in people who have a similar outlook on the community. He believes that when you get a bunch of people like that together, even if they have different lifestyles and opinions, it makes the community a really special and unique place to live.
Along with the Volunteer Activities Council, Scott is also a member of the Daybreak Community Association Budget & Finance Committee, along with several event ad hoc committees. He enjoys being involved with the Volunteer Activities Council because it provides him with the opportunity to gather with neighbors and discuss how to help everybody have a good time.
Scott has volunteered for numerous events within the community, but his most memorable experience was operating the golden egg prize table at Eggstravaganza and seeing the excitement of the children when they received their prize
“I think it is easy for people, myself included, to want to be critical when they see things that they think could be done better or differently, and rather than be critical of anything, I just wanted to get involved and to make sure that I felt like I had as much as a say in my community as I could,” said Scott.

About LiveDAYBREAK’s Volunteer Activities Council Spotlight:
LiveDAYBREAK created this program in an effort to recognize exceptional residents who are members of the Volunteer Activities Council. Every month a lucky member will be spotlighted in the LiveDAYBREAK newsletter and on

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