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Public Art on the Move

Monday, August 20, 2018

by Live Day Break

Public Art on the Move

Have you noticed new art installations popping up around Daybreak? From frog boxes to Bike Monsters, the LiveDAYBREAK Community Art Advisory Committee (CAAC) has been working hard to add engaging pieces throughout the community. Each installation went through an extensive review process and the committee hopes that the new pieces help enhance the community’s support of public art.


During your morning or evening walks, you might have seen some new wraps on the not-so-attractive utility boxes. Down by the lake, a frog now hides by the walking path. A cat is eyeing a bowl of goldfish on two boxes by Eastlake Elementary School. These are fun ways to incorporate art onto boxes that needed some sprucing up.


Riding on the lake trail are numerous “Bike Monster” sculptures. The artist incorporated bikes donated from Daybreak residents in an effort to reflect the outdoor, fitness focus of the community. Don’t be frightened, the monsters are more focused on their bike tricks than scaring passersby.


A refreshing art installation on SoDa Row is perfect for a hot day. Kiddos, and adults alike, can cool off at the splash pad which reveals a design only when the water is turned on. This adds a unique element to spending time splashing in the water.


Just down the street, the newest addition encourages viewers to interact with art. Two murals offer a chance for people to gain wings or pull back the brick wall to reveal a vibrant design. Be sure to stand at the right angle to get that Instagram picture!


The commanding 22-foot Rock and Roll Guitar by our SoDa Row concert venue needs a little turn to get the full effect. A hand crank pulls billiard balls up to the top of the sculpture and drops them through an elaborate track. Inspiration came from the outdoor music venue where we really do crank up the music.


With all of these new installations, the Arts Committee is just getting started! They have big plans for a new piece on top of the spiral landing by the east side of the lake. The spiral is just begging for an amazing installation. Stay tuned to find out what is coming!


About LiveDAYBREAK Community Art Advisory Committee

The LiveDAYBREAK CAAC is a committee of Daybreak residents who work to advocate for public art throughout the Daybreak community. This may include a variety of temporary, semi-temporary, or long-term art installations in Daybreak. In order to fund various projects through the community, the CAAC is funded by a commercial community enhancement fee that is collected by LiveDAYBREAK.