Community Clubs

Daybreak resident-organized groups and clubs offer a variety of opportunities to meet neighbors who share your interests or learn something new. Interested in starting a new community council-sanctioned group or club? Contact the Council at for more information.

Club Policies and Guidelines Club Policies and Guidelines (316 KB)
A club is an informal organization of homeowners with a common interest. A club does not operate under a Charter or By-Laws.

New Club Request Form New Club Request Form (83 KB)

Daybreak Page Turners Reading Club 

Est. 2004

Meets every third Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the DCC.

→For details visit their Facebook Group


Daybreak Wine Club
Est. 2004
Meets third Saturday of each month
→ For details, contact LiveDAYBREAK at
Daybreak Walking Club
Est. 2011
→ For details,  visit their Facebook page.
SUP Daybreak - Stand Up Paddle Board Club
Est. July 2012
The SUP Daybreak Club is a social stand up paddleboard club for residents of Daybreak. We meet up for group paddles and parties.
We use Facebook to communicate our gatherings. Activities can be found in the Discussion feed and events are listed under the ‘Event’ Tab. SUP Daybreak Club on Facebook

SUP SUNDAY: Sunday Afternoons- come meet up at North Shore for a friends and family day on the beach. Meet up time is loose and weather dependent. Weekly communications with details can be found on our Facebook Group page.

→ For details, contact Heather Menzer at


Daybreak Lip Rippers Club

Est. May 2015

→ For details, contact Roger Kirkman at 801-560-4671 or, or visit their Facebook page.

Breaking Dev

Est. October 2015

Meets first Thursday of each month 7pm-9pm at the DCC

→ For details, about this web development club, contact Cory Brown at



Daybreak Community Garden Club

Est. March 2016

Meets the last Thursday of each month at the DCC at 7 pm

→ For details, contact Shelley Brooks or Leisa Switzer at or visit their Facebook page.



Daybreak Billiards Club

Est. January 2017

Meets every two weeks
A social group of billiards enthusiasts looking to meet local players, be challenged, improve your game and host & play informal tournaments and events. Find Daybreak Billiards Club on Facebook.

→ For details, contact Chris Thayne at 801-648-8862 or

Daybreak STEM Club

Est. October 2016
Our purpose is to provide hands-on education for elementary aged children by inspiring knowledge and creativity through the introduction of STEM concepts. We also encourage and provide an opportunity for professional adults to serve as a mentor. Most importantly, we bring together community resources and have fun!”
Meets twice a month
→For details, visit their Facebook page

Daybreak Tennis Club
Est. April 2017
Meets once per month
The Daybreak Tennis club is meant for residents that are interested in playing tennis socially and getting to know their neighbors who share the same interest. Tennis is a fun sport that can be enjoyed from early childhood well into retirement age. Look for tennis social events, leagues and other fun activities.
→ For details,  contact Dustin Grant at 336-601-7048 or

Daybreak Beer Club
Est. April 2017
Meets once per month
A Daybreak club that brings together those who have an appreciation for beer.
→ For details, contact Lisa Radke at 801-244-4441 or


Daybreak Global Families Club

 Est. October 2016 

→For details visit their Facebook page or contact Sil at

The purpose of this group is to create global awareness and connect Daybreak residents who are either born, live, work or travel abroad. We only have two requirements: 1) Your family must have at least one individual who speaks another language besides English and 2) Have lots of FUN!



Daybreak Sewing & Quilting Club
Est. March 2018
Meets once per month
A sewing and quilting club designed to help one another learn new sewing and quilting skills. All skill levels are welcome to attend.
→ For details, contact Lorene Thompson at 801-556-1404 or

Daybreak Dance Club 

Est. October 2018


Meets every 1st Tuesday at 8:30 pm in the DCC.


→For details, contact 





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