Lunch & Learn Series: 8 Financial Teaching Moments For Kids

Lunch & Learn Series: 8 Financial Teaching Moments For Kids

Date: September 18, 2019
Time: 12 - 1 pm
Location: Daybreak Community Center
4544 W Harvest Moon Dr
South Jordan,

Mountain America Credit Union presents this even in the Lunch & Learn Series. We all want our children to learn how to handle money. Find ways to look for teaching opportunities and have discussions with your children about their own big adventures. Learn practical and creative methods to help.

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Our children can’t wait to be free and on their own. But, the words “on your own” and “free” don’t always go together—at least not when you’re the one paying the bills. Make no mistake: being an adult is cool, but life is expensive! To learn about life as an adult, we have to help our kids take a trip to grown-up land, where they can experience their own big adventure!

1. Major Topics

  • What do I teach my children about money? 
  • When do I teach my children about money? 
  • How do I teach my children about money?

2. Learner outcomes

  • Teaching children about money isn’t a single event. It’s a lifelong process of finding everyday moments and turning them into learning opportunities.
  • Participants will learn key concepts to help their children build a successful financial future.

The resident Lunch and Learn sessions will focus on general interest topics including estate planning, spring landscape prep and identity fraud. The management team has partnered with association vendors including landscape professionals, Real Estate professionals and the new Daybreak branch of Mountain America to host this year’s series.
The Board Lunch and Learn sessions are designed to provide learning opportunities and resources for community volunteer leaders including board members, future board members and residents to assist in developing practices to govern fairly, responsibly and successfully within the community.
All sessions are open to all board members and residents in Daybreak.
The session will stream live if you are not able to make it in person. To watch the live stream, visit the Daybreak HOA YouTube page. The video will also be posted to our website following each session.
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