Leprechaun Hunt

Leprechaun Hunt

Date: March 11 - March 17, 2019
Time: All Day
Location: Various Daybreak Parks


Our resident leprechaun, Sneaky O’Lanigan, has taken his hats and moved on to a new home. The good news is, we have a brand new leprechaun who is wreaking havoc on the neighborhood! However, he has a hard time remembering where he’s placed his hats as well! Your job is to not only find his hats but also figure out our new leprechaun’s name!

We’ll be posting clues on our website and Facebook page that were left behind and you need to see if you can track them down! Each hat you find (we’re told each hat is a bit different) will have a portion of his name attached to it. The clues for his name will go in the same order as the clues to find the hats, so make sure you start with Clue #1 and proceed from there to make sure his name is in the right order.

Once you find all the hats, it’s your job to figure out what his name is and bring your answer and pictures of all EIGHT (8) hats to the Daybreak Community Center, where our new troublemaker has left prizes for those who can help him find his hats. Make sure to leave the hat there for others to find.

Stayed tuned for the clues!