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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Friday, October 05, 2018

by Live Day Break

Who Let The Dogs Out?

The dogs have been unleashed at the new dog park off of Lake Ave and Porcini Dr. This new space has been incredibly popular among four-legged residents with 50 dogs seen enjoying space on any given day. Sharon Juneau and Tanner Lindsay from the Dog Park Committee took some time to give us a tour and explain features of the area that residents may not be aware of. These features were all very intentional in the overall design and functionality of the park.


Before even entering the park, the fence is surrounded on all sides by a sidewalk. This allows dogs to take a few laps around the block to let out some energy and see other dogs before they interact with them.For dogs that are still extra excited, a “meditation” station is located right inside the gates. Nervous canines are able to still see other dogs within the park but still be separated to give them time to acclimate to the surroundings.


While many features in the park seem natural and nicely tie into the surrounding community landscaping, they do serve functional purposes. The large rocks placed throughout the space create seating for owners and different levels for dogs to jump on. The texture and height provide opportunities for training and interaction with owners. Even the wood posts are fun for pooches to walk on and explore. Their balance will for sure be tested!


You’ll also notice differing grass levels, which for four-legged animals, will block sight lines as they play. With several dogs in the park, this can help keep dogs focused and separated. The large grass area was lengthened to make sure pooches could play fetch with plenty of room.


The grass areas are essential for dogs and the committee added a feature to make sure the green would be preserved. Gravel openings included are meant to help owners train pets. Often dogs will mark a park once they arrive but these areas were added for pet relief. New dogs should start there to “relieve” their excitement.


Shannon and Tanner want to remind pet owners that the park is not a place for dogs to roam free off leash. All of the amenities were added to encourage owners to interact with their pet and allow dogs to interact with one another. The fence is not meant to be inescapable and supervision at all times will help everybody have a dog-gone good time. If children come inside, parents should be extra careful and keep them at arm’s length. Furry collisions are inevitable with excited and sometimes clumsy friends.


The Dog Park Committee is excited that Daybreak has opened a park for furry residents. Tanner said there are about 3,000 dogs living in Daybreak and very few pet friendly parks are available in the surrounding areas. Formed several years ago, the Committee has worked hard to make the park a reality. Many designs were submitted and several were given to the Daybreak developer for consideration in the process. The committee is currently working on creating official rules now that the park is open. Hopefully in the future there will be more pet spaces to come!