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Volunteer Activities Council Spotlight - July

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

by Nicole Cowdell

Volunteer Activities Council Spotlight - July

LiveDAYBREAK would like to recognize Chris Merrill for July’s Volunteer Activities Council member spotlight. Merrill was one of the first residents to move into Daybreak and has been volunteering with the community ever since.


“I just bought into the whole community,” says Merrill. “I thought if there’s something I can do to make this better, or to have some say, or to be more involved than, why not?” 

Merrill is a firm believer that Daybreak is a unique, open and diverse community, unlike any other in Utah. “Daybreak just comes alive,” he says. “People get out, you use the porches, you go to the lake, you go to the park. When people start to come out – that’s when the magic happens.”

Merrill also enjoys helping run the events. “Most people, if they come in with a grouchy attitude, they leave thinking, ‘wow, my old community didn’t do this,’” he says. “We have the opportunity to help other residents understand just how special Daybreak can be.”

Though Merrill loves all of LiveDAYBREAK’s activities, he is particularly fond of the Summer Camp Out and the Ladybug Festival. He loves being able to interact with other members of the community during such events. “You can look around and say ‘hey, isn’t this great? Aren’t you glad we live here?’”

LiveDAYBREAK appreciates all of Chris Merrill’s hard work and thanks him for his dedication to the community.

About LiveDAYBREAK’s Volunteer Activities Council Spotlight:

LiveDAYBREAK created this program in an effort to recognize exceptional residents who are members of the Volunteer Activities Council. Every other month a lucky member will be spotlighted in the LiveDAYBREAK newsletter and on

If you would like to become a member of the Volunteer Activities Council visit THIS PAGE and submit the form with your contact information.

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