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Radio Daybreak - Daybreak Gaybreak and The HUB

Friday, September 15, 2017

by Sarah Andrews

Radio Daybreak - Daybreak Gaybreak and The HUB

Radio Daybreak host Rachael Van Cleave meets with Shane Richardson from the Daybreak Gaybreak Facebook group (1:45). They discuss the group's origin, mission, and future plans. Shane also gives some insight into his background and where he thinks society is today in regards to LGBTQ issues.


In the second segment, Rachael sits down with Daybreak Communities' Barbara Breen to discuss the opening of The HUB in Daybreak's newest village Highland Park (22:15).
Biscott's, a new European style cafe will be operating in The HUB and Rachael was able to visit with the cafe's owner Lavanya Mahate (35:24). The two also discuss Mahate's other restaurants and what she has planned for her new cafe in Daybreak!

More info on The HUB | Find the Daybreak Gaybreak Facebook Group


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