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Smart WeatherTrak Controllers Help Conserve Water

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

by Live Day Break

Smart WeatherTrak Controllers Help Conserve Water


This year the operations team worked hard to install new WeatherTrak Irrigation Controllers. This smart irrigation systems manages water usage in all of the landscaping areas of the community, allowing Daybreak to save big on water. Since the new WeatherTrak system has been installed Daybreak secondary water consumption has been decreased by a third from all previous years.

The new WeatherTrak Controllers were installed in place of the older Maxicom System and extensive testing insured that all components of the system work effectively to give maximum results. Daybreak even received for a grant from the Central Utah Water Conservancy District for installing the system. Moving forward, all new irrigation systems installed by the developer in newer areas of Daybreak will be WeatherTrak Controllers.