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New Disc Golf Course at Brookside Park

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

by Live Day Break

New Disc Golf Course at Brookside Park

After strong resident feedback, the Daybreak Community Association removed the disc golf baskets from Linear Park and has been looking for another location for the course. We have identified the south side of Brookside Park as a potential new location for the 9-hole disc golf course. The topography of the park optimizes a professional grade that will enhance the public use of this open space.


Considerations for home care, traffic safety and parking adjacent to the course were evaluated. The location of the baskets has optimized a protective barrier around the course to minimize the affects of stray discs during play time. There is a natural berm around the park area that will increase the safety as well. The other consideration is parking around the park.It appears that parking around Fish Hook Road would be a more secluded area where traffic is quiet and speeds are reduced. Below is a diagram of the course layout.

We have discussed this new location with professionals who play throughout the state. They have agreed that the park is a prime location for this sport.


Please share with us your comments and questions regarding the new location of the disc golf course. Email Tim Later, Operations Manager, at with your feedback so we can gauge resident sentiment over the proposed location.