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New DCC Back Door Entry Now Available!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

by Live Day Break

New DCC Back Door Entry Now Available!

Residents and guests can now enter through back door of the Daybreak Community Center. This provides easy access from the parking area including handicap spots on the west side of the building.


Steps to Entry:

1. Press the silver button on the video intercom panel and wait a few moments for the front desk staff to answer.

2. Once you are connected to the front desk, state your name and why you are visiting the DCC. 

3. Staff will unlock the door and the light on the intercom panel will turn green.

4. You must proceed to the front desk to check in with your amenity card before using the facility.


Coming Soon: Residents will be able to open the back door using their amenity cards or new smart phone app. Stay tuned to find out when the system will be ready.