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New Art Project Installed in the DCC

Thursday, May 23, 2019

by Live Day Break

New Art Project Installed in the DCC

If you are headed down the halls of the Daybreak Community Center, you might notice the Arts Council’s newest installation. Floating just below the ceiling are hundreds of painted sticks displayed in a water-like formation. This piece was created during last year’s Fizz Fest and is finally being installed. Anndalyn Hobbs and Karen Sewell, along with the rest of the council, have worked hard to spearhead the project.

Inspired by a similar piece found in the South Jordan Library, Anndalyn and Karen decided to create an installation that could float from the ceiling. Since Daybreak has a lot of water features, that became the council’s inspiration and the project began to grow from there. The council started the project by painting 2,000 paint sticks five different shades of blue. During Fizz Fest, kids were provided contrasting tones of blue which they were encouraged to splatter over the sticks, giving each a unique look. The sticks were then attached to magnets using fishing line, and suspended from the DCC ceiling. With the different hanging lengths and varied appearance of each stick, the completed piece will give the impression of a flowing river.

Between the initial planning stages, painting, prepping the sticks for hanging, and actual installation time, volunteers have dedicated more than 50 hours to bringing this project to life, with more to come as the project progresses. More than half of the piece has been installed, and it has already begun taking shape.

Both Anndalyn and Karen feel a strong connection to this piece, as they have seen the community come together to create something so personal to Daybreak. They also loved that the piece would have a home where children would be able to see it often, as many local kids had a hand in its creation. Community involvement was important and essential for this project.

The piece will remain in the DCC indefinitely so walk down the hallway next to the gym and take a look.

About the Arts Council

In January of 2017, the LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors created a committee dedicated to advocating for public art in Daybreak. The committee, Daybreak Arts Council, is made up of Daybreak residents.

The Daybreak Arts Council is to work in an advisory capacity to advocate for public art throughout the Daybreak community. This may include a variety of temporary, semi-temporary, or long-term art installations in Daybreak.

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