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LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award - Barbara Lewis

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

by Sarah Andrews

LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award - Barbara Lewis

The LiveDAYBREAK Resident Appreciation in Daybreak Award, or R.A.D., was created to recognize Daybreak residents like Barbara Lewis. Not only does she spend her time bringing programs to the Daybreak community that fellow residents enjoy, she also finds time to volunteer at Sagewood Senior Living Center.


Barbara spearheaded an effort to start the center’s aeroponic gardening program, where Sagewood residents grow produce that is provided to the chef at the facility. One day a week she helps maintain and harvest items from the Tower Garden.

“I see volunteering as an opportunity”, Barbara said. “At the heart of volunteering is bringing people into their “owness”, helping them discover themselves in new ways. This is a basic principle that works in teaching as well as volunteering when you stop and think about it.”

As a teacher on the east coast for the majority of her professional career, Barbara participated in a Lincoln Center program that utilizes teachers as conduits between teaching artists and elementary schools. The success of this partnership is what inspired her to approach the Repertory Dance Theater about starting classes at Sagewood.

Barbara and Nick Cendese, an artistic associate at the Repertory Dance Theater, work together in a class that inspires those in Memory Care to move their bodies to the music, using the movement and the music as a way of expressing themselves. It cannot, therefore, be described as an exercise class or a dance class.

Due to Barbara’s efforts, and winning personality, the partnership with Repertory Dance Theater at Sagewood is growing, “We have been working just in the Memory Care, but Nick and I will be starting a program for those in assisted living and independent living at Sagewood, hopefully in March or April.”

Barbara moved to Daybreak in 2010 to be closer to her son and his family and our community is very lucky to have her as a resident. As the Chairperson of the Landscape Committee and a member the Garden Park DAMES group, she is one of the most active residents in the Garden Park Community.

“Barbara is an inspiration, she is constantly reminding us that you are never too old to have something to give, and your time is needed and appreciated.” Says fellow Daybreak resident Lorraine Hough, “She personifies the good Daybreak resident.”

About the LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award:
Giving back is one of LiveDAYBREAK's pillars, and we are looking for a Daybreak resident who personifies this value. We need your help to identify these types of residents, so we might reward them with the LiveDAYBREAK Resident Appreciation in Daybreak Award.

The LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award is our way of spotlighting Daybreak residents our community better. We will choose one nominee every other month for the award and highlight their good deed on our website and newsletter.