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DCA First Quarter Open Board Meeting Highlights

Thursday, March 02, 2017

by Tanner Gooch

DCA First Quarter Open Board Meeting Highlights

The Board of Directors and CCMC Management Team want to say "Thank You" to those homeowners who were able to attend the first quarter Open Board Meeting on February 22nd. Homeowner participation is an integral part of the decision-making process.


In the meeting, the Board received and approved the January 2017 financial reports. The CCMC Management Team provided the board with management reports covering the new cardio fitness equipment in the Daybreak Community Center (DCC), results from the Community Garden Survey, and progress on the DCC pool.

The management report also included updates on the various 2017 Reserve Projects. Among those projects are the fascia replacement on the DCC, the replacement of the flooring in the stairwells at the DCC, and the preventative maintenance on the asphalt trails throughout Daybreak.

    • During the session, the board approved two resolutions.
    • Trash/Recycle Containers Resolution - This resolution clarifies Exhibit D: Initial Rules 2 Restricted Activities (j) of the governing documents. Residents of Daybreak will keep approved garbage or recycling containers out of view except for the time beginning at dusk on the day before the scheduled pickup and ending at the conclusion of the day of the scheduled pickup.
    • Christmas Lighting and Christmas Decoration Resolution - The Board of Directors found that there is a need to replace the existing "Christmas Lighting and Christmas Decoration Resolution". The new resolution includes the same restrictions on temporary Christmas lighting and decorations but adds a definition and requirements for permanent Christmas lighting.
      • Wires and bulbs are not visible on the exterior of the home prior to October 1st and must be out of view on the exterior of the home by April 1st of the following calendar year.
      • Lighting may be illuminated between November 15th and January 15th each calendar year
      • Permanent Christmas lighting must be approved by the Design Review Committee prior to installation


    • The Board also approved multiple appointments on DCA Committees.

    • In the final piece of business, the Board approved three home business applications.
      • Jared Sweet Design - Graphic Design
      • Nancy's Piano Service
      • DJ Olsen Holdings Inc. - Accounting


The Daybreak Community Association management team prepared a document of resident submitted questions for the meeting.

View the Q&A Document here