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Daybreak Yards of the Month - September

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

by Sarah Andrews

Daybreak Yards of the Month - September

Daybreak residents take tremendous pride in the landscapes that surround their homes, and the Daybreak Community Association loves recognizing residents for all their hard work. In order to shine a spotlight on some special yards in our community, we ask residents to nominate their neighbors.

These nominations are then reviewed by the Covenants Committee. The committee then selects yards from each village on a monthly basis. Below you will see the addresses and photos for each winner.

  • Founders Village - 4308 Silent Rain Drive
  • East Lake Village -  11168 Indigo Sky Way
  • North Shore Village - 4344 Clarks Hill Drive
  • Creekside Village - 4894Willamettee Way
  • Heights Park - 4851 Fish Hook Road
  • Lake Village - 10736 Beach Comber Way

To nominate a candidate please send the address of the home you're nominating to Mindy Konold at

Congratulations to each of our winners, we appreciate all the care to put into your fabulous yards!