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Daybreak Yards of the Month - October

Thursday, October 26, 2017

by Sarah Andrews

Daybreak Yards of the Month - October

Daybreak residents take tremendous pride in the landscapes that surround their homes, and the Daybreak Community Association loves recognizing residents for all their hard work.


In order to shine a spotlight on some special yards in our community, we ask residents to nominate their neighbors who decorated their yards with tons of Halloween Spirit. Those who won this month were awarded a gift from LiveDAYBREAK!
These nominations are then reviewed by the Covenants Committee. The committee then selects yards from each village on a monthly basis. Below you will see the addresses and photos for each winner.
  • 4326 Lake Bridge Rd
  • 5336 South Jordan Parkway
  • 5379 Copper Needle Way
  • 10327 Crow Wing Drive
  • 11128 Kestrel Rise Rd
  • 11607 Bluerock Ave



This is the final Yard of the Month for 2017. Be sure to get your yard in shape for 2018!