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Daybreak R.A.D. Award - The Whitakers

Thursday, September 27, 2018

by Live Day Break

Daybreak R.A.D. Award - The Whitakers

Elizabeth and David Whitaker are the Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award recipients for September. This couple has worked hard to give back to the community and truly exemplifies LiveDAYBREAK’s pillars. From organizing block parties to setting up GoFundMe accounts for fellow residents in need, they have found ways to enhance Daybreak.


Most recently Elizabeth and David supported another family in the community who suffered a loss. They rushed to offer help in any way possible from hospital visits to collecting funds from friends to help bear a financial burden. The Whitakers love to organize small social gatherings with neighbors who live on and around the neighborhood.


“This is a family that goes above and beyond to spread friendship and community with all.” Their nominator said. “While our home was being built they organized a block party for the neighborhood and invited everyone to come hang out, meet each other and make friendship connections… Truly the epitome of what good neighbors should be.”



Originally from Hawaii, the family moved to Daybreak last year excited about a walkable community with countless amenities and open space. They are often found biking or walking with their five children throughout the parks and trails in Daybreak. David’s background is in Construction Management and he recently obtained a general contractor's license and started a small family construction business.


He also serves on the Design Review Committee and enjoys the collaborative process of working as a team of residents and committee members to maintain the attractive appearance in the community. He likes the rich variety of design that matches everyone's personality and preferences while also maintaining cohesion and uniformity.


“I'm a strong believer that as we develop relationships with all of our neighbors, our community will be a happier and safer place to call home,” David said.


Elizabeth is involved in our community is other ways. She served as the PTA Health Commissioner at Golden Fields Elementary for its inaugural year, promoting health and safety at the school, and her background in nursing was a tremendous asset. She also teaches an art group for only the cost of supplies to preschool and young children on a weekly basis. Elizabeth is a firm believer in mental and emotional health and sees creativity-based art as an outlet for children and a great asset to improving their overall well-being.





About the LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award

Giving back is one of LiveDAYBREAK's pillars, and we are looking for a Daybreak resident who personifies this value. We need your help to identify these types of residents, so we might reward them with the LiveDAYBREAK Resident Appreciation in Daybreak Award. The LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award is our way of spotlighting Daybreak residents our community better. We will choose one nominee every other month for the award and highlight their good deed on our website and newsletter.

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