Daybreak Arts Council



In January of 2017, the LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors created a committee dedicated to advocating for public art in Daybreak. The committee, Daybreak Arts Council, is made up of Daybreak residents. 

The Daybreak Arts Council is to work in an advisory capacity to advocate for public art throughout the Daybreak community. This may include a variety of temporary, semi-temporary, or long-term art installations in Daybreak.

Committee Members

  • Rachael Van Cleave (Chair)
  • Laura Gaillard
  • Anndalyn Hobbs
  • Angela McGuire
  • Karen Sewell
  • Matt Radke
  • Robyn Sahleen
  • Alexis Spaulding
Would you like to be a member of the Daybreak Arts Council? Download the application below and return the LiveDAYBREAK via email -

LiveDAYBREAK Daybreak Arts Council Application LiveDAYBREAK Daybreak Arts Council Application (26 KB)

Current RFPs 



Calling all sculptures for Art Ave! If you are an artist with a sculpture to display, check out this new project in Daybreak. 

Previous Art Project RFP's

All projects are now closed


Community Sculptural Art Project - Spiral

Proposal submission deadline is July 31, 2018, by 5:00 p.m. Application materials and project/design materials must be delivered in electronic format to Applications will not be returned.

Daybreak is a unique community that embraces the values of connecting, lifelong learning, family, healthy living embracing arts and diversity.
The LiveDAYBREAK Community Council is engaged in a long-term commitment to public art in the Daybreak community.
The Sculptural Art project for the Spiral is intended to create a unique outdoor art piece that reflects the vision and feel of the community. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, this piece could also be suitable for a kinetic and/or a lighted sculpture. The Spiral is a prominent landscape feature at a central location within Daybreak. This location is our most prized location and the art is desired to be “iconic", visible from around the community, and awe-inspiring.
Visit these links to learn more about our unique community:


And feel free to come visit us!


•To create a “iconic” unique outdoor piece of artwork to be displayed in a prominent location atop Spiral on the east side of Oquirrh Lake.
•To create art that will strengthen the community by providing opportunities for people to engage with each other in a fun, unique, or hands-on way.
The proposal shall include enough information that the LiveDAYBREAK Community Council will be able to understand and visualize the proposed art piece. This can be done through sketches, pictures, descriptions or mockups. Artists may be asked to provide additional information, details, or a scaled model during the selection process.


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Submission deadline is Saturday, July 7, 2018, by 3:00 pm MST. Applications and finalized designs must be submitted to


The SoDa Row Interactive Murals project is intended to create a unique permanent outdoor piece that will reflect the vision and feel of the community, and that will provide residents and visitors with an opportunity to interact with the art piece. The location that has been identified for the murals’ placement is an exterior cinder block wall facing west on Kestrel Rise Rd near the SoDa Row area of Daybreak. The wall is located between the eSpokes and Black Diamond Studio businesses located at 11277 Kestrel Rise Road, South Jordan, UT 84009. The wall features two cut-out spaces to be used. Each of these cut-out spaces is lit after dark by two in-ground lights (see photos on pages 6 & 7). This area is utilized by families within the Daybreak community and the piece will need to engage a wide range of the residential demographic.

For a tour of the selected location, please contact Karen Sewell at (801) 440-8193 or Anndalyn Hobbs at (805) 280-1998. Artists may explore the location on their own as well, as the site is a public space. Site photographs and dimensions are included on pages 6 and 7.

The project should feature an interactive mural inside of each cut-out. This is a popular and central urban location within the Daybreak neighborhood and it is visited by pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The cut-outs are visible from the adjacent sidewalk as well as Kestrel Rise Rd, which is open to vehicle traffic. The murals should be accessible to pedestrians and should be designed so that viewers can interact with and become part of the art itself, by taking photographs, videos, etc. For the committee’s inspiration for this project, see the websites listed on page 5 and 6.

As part of the LiveDAYBREAK Community Art Advisory Committee’s initiative to stir community interest in public art, we would like to feature the installation of this art piece as an event for LiveDAYBREAK’s annual Fizz Fest, taking place this year on August 10 & 11, 2018. We want residents to have a first-hand look at the installation process during the festival, in hopes of creating an appreciation for this piece as it becomes part of our community. The piece does not need to be completed during the festival, but we would like to see the installation process happening in real-time as the festival is occurring.

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Invisible Paint Street Mural


The Invisible Paint Street Mural project is intended to create a unique temporary outdoor piece that will reflect the vision and feel of the community. The location that has been identified for the mural’s placement is an outdoor public splash pad located adjacent to CupBop at 11259 Kestrel Rise Rd, South Jordan, UT 84009.

The project should feature an invisible paint street mural to be installed on the floor of the outdoor splash pad that is revealed when the installation becomes wet as community members utilize the splash pad for recreation. The artist must use Rainworks, a hydrophobic outdoor invisible paint product that dries clear so as to enhance the effect of the reveal when the paint becomes wet. The product must be applied to the splash pad through the use of stencils. Please see the websites listed on page 4 for additional information on the Rainworks paint.


LiveDAYBREAK Community Interactive Art Project


The Interactive Art Project is intended to create a unique outdoor art piece that not only reflects the vision and feel of the community but also gives residents the opportunity to engage with the art piece.

One key element of the project is to allow residents to actively engage with the art piece. This could be accomplished in many ways. For example, the art could be climbable, walkable, or musical. There could be parts that move, lights displays, water features, computer interactions, etc.


LiveDAYBREAK Daybreak Arts Council Utility Box Wrap Project


The Utility Box Wrap project is intended to help beautify the community of Daybreak. You may wish to consider some of the fun and activity that happens regularly in the Daybreak area. This project is intended to use unique 2-D paintings, drawings, or photography to then turn into wraps for utility boxes. These pieces would reflect the vision and feel of the community.
There are 5 utility boxes that will be wrapped. See attached map of 6 different utility box locations and feel free to visit the locations. Measurements of the boxes are below.


Daybreak Arts Council FAQ's

  • Why was the Daybreak Arts Council formed?
    • To help create a unique sense of community by advocating for public arts
  • How is the Daybreak Arts Council is funded?
    • Each time a commercial property changes hands within Daybreak a small community enhancement fee collected by LiveDAYBREAK. The funds from these transactions are then earmarked and dedicated to the Daybreak Arts Council mission of advocating for public art in Daybreak.
  • Are my HOA funds paying for local art?
    • No, all LiveDAYBREAK funds are separate from the Daybreak Community Association (the HOA) funds.
  • How are members of the Daybreak Arts Council selected?
    • Residents apply through a simple application process and are appointed by the LiveDAYBREAK board. The residents on the committee serve for a 2-year term.
  • Are there open positions on the committee?
    • Yes, the committee was originally structured with several “seats” with the goal of obtaining as much community input as possible.

    LiveDAYBREAK Daybreak Arts Council Application LiveDAYBREAK Daybreak Arts Council Application (26 KB)

  • How is art selected?
    • The Daybreak Arts Council establishes yearly goals in regards to types of art and potential locations. Subcommittees are established on a regular basis to coordinate the details.
  • How are the locations determined?
    • The committee has spent a great deal of time determine key locations for potential art. The overall goal is to have them placed in higher traffic areas.
  • Are there other art installations in Daybreak?
    • Yes, we encourage all to visit the existing art installations within Daybreak.

    1. Papa Wheelie!
    2. Pedal and Metal
    3. Rusty and Son
    4. The Rolling Clones
    5. Wheel and Grace
    6. Daybreak Sculpture Garden
    7. Guitar Sculpture
    8. High Wind Adviser
    9. People in Transit
    10. SoDa Row Murals